Range Officers

All of the Range Officers are NRA Certified Range Safety Officers. Anyone using the facilities MUST have a Range Officer present on the range at all times. To request the services of a Range Officer, please complete the form below giving details including the nature of the event, the date(s) and time(s). Range Officers may, at their discretion, charge a fee for their services.

The 2015 Range Officers are:

  • Christopher Alexander
  • Duane Alleman
  • Robert Anderson
  • Lynn Bartholomew
  • Karl Barton
  • Jim Bawden
  • Ron Benson
  • Kyle Bradshaw
  • Stan Burmood
  • Don Bushman
  • Rob Campbell
  • Rudy Carneseca
  • Dave Dixon
  • Rodney Downs
  • Ray Faust
  • Elmo Gruwell
  • Wayne Hall
  • Larry Herdman
  • Mike Hall
  • Dan Howlett
  • Dean Hutchinson
  • Dave Hyde
  • Justin Jacobson
  • Jim Jeffers
  • Jay Johnson
  • Phil Johnson
  • Bob Marshall
  • Bill Miller
  • Joel Olas
  • John Ottens
  • Ben Palmer
  • Brad Peay
  • Richard Pyne
  • Carlos Rivera
  • Joe Rosenberg
  • Josh Sensinger
  • Wayne Shurtleff
  • Craig Smith
  • Chad Staheli
  • Brandon Taylor
  • Ed Topliff
  • Dave Tunbridge
  • Donna Warnock
  • Dave Wheeler
  • John Williams
  • Trevor Williams

This form is only for requesting Range Officers, other questions will not be answered here. The more detail you provide, the more likely one of the Range Officers will respond. If you don’t include full details including time(s) and date(s), and nature of the event, along with a working email address and phone number, don’t expect a response from any of the range officers.

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